14Day Holistic Jumpstart

The 14 day Holistic Jumpstart program is a challenge that I’ve recently started running with Holistic Freedom Academy. In this program you’ll get a meal plan, groceries, recipes, workout plan and myself as your personal cheerleader and online coach. On top of it all, you get to do it along with a community of like-minded individuals for daily motivation and accountability.

I first ran the program with a group of 5 eager and motivated individuals. A few of us were getting our beach bods ready for a trip to Hawaii. So, for 14 days we stuck to the program drinking plenty of shakes, snacking on wholesome healthy foods and drinking A LOT of water!

Personally, I lost 5 pounds with the challenge, while others lost inches of their waist and saw increases in their energy, less cravings and all in all just felt absolutely amazing.

Check out the PDF below for more details about the program.

If you have more questions, don’t be shy! Say hi and shoot me an e-mail at hello@junniexbee.com


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